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A considerable assortment of individuals have a Brown County criminal history. A U.S. Department of Justice research revealed that 1 in 3 Americans possesses such a record.

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Brown County WI Local Criminal Record Sources

Circuit Court (Felony, Misdemeanor, Juvenile, Traffic)
100 S Jefferson St Green Bay, WI 54305
Web Search
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Brown County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO)
2684 Development Dr, Green Bay, WI 54311
Phone: (920) 448-4200
Jail Inmate Lookup
Records Requests
Sex Offender Registry

Green Bay Police Department
307 S Adams St, Green Bay, WI 54301
Phone: (920) 448-3200
Records Requests

Brown County Court Records

Court records are a direct source of data, inclusive of criminal histories in Brown County WI. As public domain documents, they can be accessed by anyone interested.

Brown County Police Records

While criminal records reflect convictions, Brown County police records provide insights into arrests or charges. These records may also suggest if an individual was ever stopped or embroiled in an investigation.

Arrest Info

Arrest records in Brown County WI usually show personal information like name and birthdate. They typically reveal the nature of the offense, the detaining agency, and the date and location of the arrest.

Inmate Reports

Inmate records are usually straightforward to find. However, gaining access may be time-consuming because there is no centralized database, and most agencies, such as local Brown County jails, state DOCs, and federal prisons, operate separate databases.
They provide an inmate’s name, mugshot, criminal activity information, sentence, and release date.

Criminal Record Categories:


Infractions in Brown County WI are typically non-criminal and do not regularly surface in criminal background checks. Some background screenings may encompass civil offenses, under which infractions fall.


Brown County misdemeanors normally carry lighter penalties compared to felonies. Common repercussions include fines, probation, and brief incarceration. The charge’s seriousness can differ based on the misdemeanor’s nature. For example, a first-time misdemeanor offender may receive probation, while a repeat offender may deal with jail time.

Brown County Felony Records

A Brown County felony conviction will typically be covered by a criminal history check unless missed somehow. These crime categories include the gravest of offenses, including murder, armed robbery, and sexual offenses.

Brown County Sexual Offender Registry

Many websites offer free searches for sex offenders. For a comprehensive search, the National Sex Offender Registry, maintained by the U.S. Department of Justice, is a prime resource. It encompasses an across-the-country database of convicted sex offenders. The registry, searchable by name, city, state, or postal code, is complemented by local counterparts supervised by Brown County local police departments.

Brown County Dui/Dwi Records

Brown County DUI charges come in diverse degrees. A first-time DUI typically leads to a fine. Repeat offenders face escalated consequences, with a second offense introducing heftier fines and extended jail time.

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