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Warrants in Brown County WI, which are a type of legal document, are often given out by the courts to give police the right to do things like make an arrest or search a property.
To get a search warrant, there must be “probable cause,” which means there is a strong reason to think a crime has been or is being committed.

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Brown County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO Warrant Search)
2684 Development Dr, Green Bay, WI 54311
Phone: (920) 448-4200

Circuit Court (Felony, Misdemeanor, Juvenile, Traffic)
100 S Jefferson St Green Bay, WI 54305
Search In Person – Yes

Green Bay Police Department
307 S Adams St, Green Bay, WI 54301
Phone: (920) 448-3200

De Pere City Police Department
335 S Broadway, De Pere, WI 54115
Phone: (920) 339-8070

Online Search For Warrants In Brown County

If you want to know if someone is wanted on an active warrant, you should contact the court that issued the warrant when doing a Brown County warrant search.
If you talk to local law enforcement authorities, they will be able to give you information about warrants in the area where the warrant was issued.

Court Records Are Accessible To The Public

Working with the county clerk in the area where the warrant was issued is one way to find records about it. People could go there in person and use a computer to look up Brown County court records or a database that can be searched online if one is available.

Sheriff's Office Warrant List for Brown County

The warrant files can be looked at by the local Brown County police or the sheriff’s office.
Law enforcement will have access to any warrants that are issued in their area of responsibility because they are the ones who have to carry them out.
Public lists are sometimes posted on their websites depending on the agency, but most of the time, you have to make a formal request.

Brown County Bench Warrants

If a suspect doesn’t show up in court, a Brown County bench warrant can be issued for arrest.

Brown County Arrest Warrants

A warrant for someone’s arrest in Brown County WI is a court order telling the police to take that person into custody. A warrant for someone’s arrest can be made if they are wanted for a crime.
According to the terms of this warrant, the police can arrest the person who is wanted and formally charge them with a crime.

Arrest Warrant For Fugitive

A fugitive warrant can be issued for someone accused of a crime but has left Brown County to avoid punishment.
The agency that issued the warrant will be able to find the person who wanted, have them arrested, and have them send them back to their home jurisdiction with the help of other law enforcement agencies.

Search Warrant Info

There are many reasons why the Brown County police need to get search warrants. The process protects the rights of the people being searched and ensures that the authorities have a good reason for doing the search.

Brown County Warrant Searches for Free

You can use the county clerk’s public database to do a free Brown County warrant search. The local police and sheriff’s office in the suspect’s neighborhood or where the crime could have occurred should also be checked.

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