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With a warrant in La Crosse County WI, police officers and other law enforcement professionals have the power to search for, seize, and make arrests.
If there is probable cause, which is a strong suspicion that a crime has been committed, a judge would often issue a warrant.

Following the execution of different warrants, including bench and arrest warrants, criminal court procedures will take place.

La Crosse County Warrant Search Tools.

La Crosse County Sheriff’s Department
333 Vine St, La Crosse, WI 54601
Phone: (608) 785-9629
Warrant List

Circuit Court (Felony, Misdemeanor, Juvenile, Traffic)
333 Vine St, LEC, Rm 1200 La Crosse, WI 54601
Search In Person – Yes

La Crosse Police Department
400 La Crosse St, La Crosse, WI 54601
Phone: (608) 789-7200

Onalaska Police Department
415 Main St, Onalaska, WI 54650
Phone: (608) 781-9550

Online Search For Warrants In La Crosse County

You should be aware that there are several trustworthy sources for warrant records for a La Crosse County warrant search. Starting with the agencies that issued the warrants is one tactic for locating outstanding warrants.
Law enforcement agencies at the state and local levels are popular information sources. Start by getting in touch with the agency that issued the warrant or researching their websites.

Court Records Are Accessible To The Public

The La Crosse County courts provide research on criminal and civil cases in several ways.
By visiting the clerk of the court’s office in the county where the warrant was issued, you can ask to use the public court records search terminal or see if they have a database online.

Sheriff's Office Warrant List for La Crosse County

The La Crosse County police or sheriff’s office can help you execute a warrant search. Occasionally, these records can be accessed online; otherwise, a request must be made via phone, email, or online form.

La Crosse County Bench Warrants

If they have a bench warrant, law enforcement has the power to make an arrest and take you to court.
La Crosse County bench warrants can be issued for a range of offenses, including failing to appear in court or breaking probationary conditions.
If you have a bench warrant for your arrest, you should take care of it as quickly as you can to prevent being stopped at random while driving.

La Crosse County Arrest Warrants

An arrest warrant is one of law enforcement’s most important tools to arrest and jail someone.
A La Crosse County arrest warrant must be approved by the court, showing enough evidence to bring the offender to justice and that there is good cause to suspect they have broken the law.

Arrest Warrant For Fugitive

A local La Crosse County, state, or federal government agency may issue a fugitive warrant when someone is on the run.
Officers from different law enforcement agencies will try to find the individual specified on the warrant. When the individual is located, they will be captured and brought back to face charges.

Search Warrant Info

There are numerous reasons why La Crosse County law enforcement should have to get search warrants.
They help ensure that searches are done legally and in a constitutional manner.
They protect of search subjects’ rights.
They help to assure the reliability and acceptability of the information discovered during a search for a court case.

La Crosse County Warrant Searches for Free

There are a few ways to locate a La Crosse County bench or arrest warrant; in most cases, they are all free.
If you have questions about a bench warrant, contact the court that issued it. If you have questions about an arrest warrant, contact the local sheriff or the police.

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