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Information about inmates who were housed in Milwaukee jails or prisons is contained in inmate records. The name, birthdate, race, gender, and other vital details of an inmate are recorded in their records. Additionally, it might include their mugshot, inmate number, and criminal history.

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Milwaukee Resources.

Milwaukee Police Department (MPD Inmate Search)
749 W State St, Milwaukee, WI 53233
Phone: (414) 933-4444

Milwaukee Municipal Court (Traffic, Civil Ordinance, Juvenile)
951 N James Lovell St Milwaukee, WI 53233
Website 2
Search In Person – Yes

Circuit Court Criminal (Felony, Misdemeanor, Traffic)
821 W State St, Rm 117 Milwaukee, WI 53233
Search In Person – Yes

Milwaukee Municipal Court (Traffic, Civil Ordinance, Juvenile)
951 N James Lovell St Milwaukee, WI 53233
Search In Person – Yes

Milwaukee County WI Jail – Central Facility
949 N 9th St, Milwaukee, WI 53233

Youth & Family Justice Center
10201 W. Watertown Plank Rd

Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility
1015 N 10th St Milwaukee, WI 53205-0740

Felmers O. Chaney Correctional Center
2825 N 30th St, Milwaukee, WI 53210

Milwaukee Women’s Correctional Center
615 W Keefe Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53212

Marshall E Sherrer Correctional Center
1318 N 14th St, Milwaukee, WI 53205-2596

Milwaukee Inmate Search Online

Since several websites focus on public records and provide Milwaukee inmate search databases, the general public can use the internet to find inmate records. Most of the time, searching for them will require identifying information like the name and location.

Wisconsin Prison VS Milwaukee Jail

When it comes to jails and prisons, there are some significant distinctions. Jails are smaller and house those awaiting trial or who have received lower sentences for offences, while prisons often contain more inmates who committed serious crimes. Additionally, Wisconsin prisoners are often housed in cells, whereas Milwaukee jail inmates are sometimes held in communal spaces.

Wisconsin State Prison Inmate Search

Anyone with access to the internet can look up a Wisconsin state or federal prisoner. You can look up convicts by name on file or prison ID number by visiting the website of your state’s department of corrections or checking the federal inmate database. Additionally, you could get in touch with them and ask about the prisoner you’re looking for.

Milwaukee Jail Inmate Search

If you’re looking for a prisoner in the Milwaukee jail, your best bet is to contact the sheriff’s department.
Most likely, the staff will be able to give you a list of all the inmates, including their names and numbers, or point you to a database you can use.

Milwaukee Mugshots

To obtain a copy of an inmate’s mugshot in Milwaukee, contact the sheriff’s office or the county police force. If the prisoner is housed federally, you should check the Federal Bureau of Prisons website for online mugshot searches.

Milwaukee Jail Log

Jail logs are open to public view in all jurisdictions. You can first call the correctional facility and ask about these files or check their website.

Milwaukee Jail Roster

Law enforcement organizations frequently use Milwaukee jail rosters to maintain an index of detainees. Being a public record, this information is available to the general public.

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