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Searching for Racine County criminal records is a pivotal step in ensuring the safety of you and your loved ones. Such a search can provide insights into an individual’s history, allowing you to make informed decisions regarding people.

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Racine County WI Local Criminal Record Sources

Circuit Court (Felony, Misdemeanor, Juvenile, Traffic)
730 Wisconsin Ave, 8th Fl Racine, WI 53403
Web Search
Search In Person – Yes

Racine County Sheriff Office
717 Wisconsin Ave, Racine, WI 53403
Phone: (262) 636-3219
Inmate Search
Records Bureau
Sex Offender Registry

Racine Police Department
730 Center St, Racine, WI 53403
Phone: (262) 635-7751
Records Bureau

Racine County Court Records

To investigate Racine County criminal records, you can look into the court system independently or utilize an online public records service. If choosing the former, communicate with the court clerk in the particular county of arrest. The clerk can direct you to access relevant records.

Racine County Police Records

For insights into Racine County criminal life, public police records are a valuable resource. All local law enforcement preserve these records. You’ll be required to provide the person’s complete name and date of birth and submit a form.

Arrest Info

In many counties just like in Racine County WI, the sheriff, being the primary law enforcement officer, oversees the county jail and ensures the security of county facilities. This department handles 911 dispatches, criminal activity examinations, and county patrolling. To get arrest records from the sheriff’s office, submit an appropriately filled request type, supplying individual information and a legitimate ID, or check their website.

Inmate Reports

To access inmate records, you have options like contacting the local Racine County sheriff’s office or going to the state DOC. Additionally, numerous online platforms provide public record access.

Criminal Record Categories:


Infractions in Racine County WI, minor in nature, don’t culminate in criminal procedures. These normally result in fines rather than imprisonment. While criminal convictions are routinely included in background checks, infractions may occasionally appear. The weightage an infraction holds in a background screening hinges on the nature of the infraction and the checking parameters.


Racine County misdemeanors, typically less grave than felonies, included milder penalties. Such records will appear during background checks; however, they may not be highlighted as much on criminal history screenings depending on the crime.

Racine County Felony Records

Racine County felonies include murder, sexual assault, break-ins, and sexual assault. Conviction for felonies will come with stringent punishments, making felony convictions significantly more impactful than misdemeanors.

Racine County Sexual Offender Registry

To access county-specific sex offender data, search the respective state or county’s online sex offender registry.

Racine County Dui/Dwi Records

In the U.S., DUI records are public domain. They’re primarily available through online databases or the judicial system processing the DUI case. Additionally, DMV offices document Racine County DUI events, arrests, and convictions.

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