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Public Washington County criminal records are important for those needing to carry out criminal history checks. These records offer insights into a person’s criminal history, helping with decisions regarding people. One can approach the local court where the individual was convicted or use private online databases to access these records.

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Washington County WI Local Criminal Record Sources

Circuit Court (Felony, Misdemeanor, Juvenile, Traffic)
484 Rolfs Ave, Rm 3151 West Bend, WI 53090
Web Search
Search In Person – Yes

Washington County Sheriff’s Department (WCSO)
500 Rolfs Ave, West Bend, WI 53095
Phone: (262) 335-4378
Most Wanted
Open Records
Sex Offender Registry

West Bend Police Department
350 Vine St, West Bend, WI 53095
Phone: (262) 335-5000
Public Records Access
Warrant List
Court Warrant List

Washington County Court Records

U.S. court records, including criminal court documents, are available for public viewing. These documents reveal charges against a defendant and the corresponding court judgments.
Although these records are public in Washington County WI, certain constraints exist on who can access them. For example, juvenile court records are shielded from the general public. Some states also permit convicted individuals to expunge their records.

Washington County Police Records

Should you harbor concerns about someone, Washington County police records offer insights into their criminal past. These records are generally available to the general public via a formal request from law enforcement offices.

Arrest Info

It’s essential to remember that while arrest records are public, particular limitations apply to access to and usage. To procure these records, one could either approach the local Washington County sheriff – a direct method – or use online services.

Inmate Reports

One can request inmate records directly from the Washington County jail, state DOC, or the federal prison system. Additionally, private online databases offer a nationwide approach.

Criminal Record Categories:


Infractions in Washington County WI, such as speeding, neglecting stop signs, or public intoxication, are minor violations resulting in fines or penalties. Although seemingly minor, these violations have consequences. For instance, speeding infractions can raise insurance premiums or even result in license revocation.


Washington County misdemeanors, though less grave than felonies, can still profoundly affect one’s life, causing fines, probation, or jail time. These convictions are likewise recorded on one’s criminal history, possibly impacting some opportunities.

Washington County Felony Records

To figure out if somebody has a felony in Washington County WI, direct access to court records a good way of doing it.

Washington County Sexual Offender Registry

While the specifics of a sex offender registry may differ throughout states and Washington County WI, they commonly encompass the offender’s name, aliases, birth date, physical attributes, residence, and the nature of their conviction.

Washington County Dui/Dwi Records

Generally categorized as misdemeanors in Washington County WI, DUIs can escalate to felonies if they result in injuries or deaths. A DUI offense will result in fines, community service, or license suspension.

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