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The courts routinely issue warrants in Waukesha County WI, a type of legal instrument, to provide law enforcement the right to perform things like make an arrest or search a property.
Probable cause, which means there is a solid basis for believing a crime has been committed, is required for the warrant to get issued.

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Waukesha County Warrant Search Tools.

Waukesha County Sheriff Department
515 W Moreland Blvd, Waukesha, WI 53188
Phone: (262) 548-7117

Circuit Court (Felony, Misdemeanor, Juvenile, Traffic)
515 W Moreland Blvd Waukesha, WI 53188
Search In Person – Yes

Milwaukee Police Department
749 W. State Street, Milwaukee, WI 53233

City of Waukesha Police Department
1901 Delafield St, Waukesha, WI 53188
Phone: (262) 524-3831

Brookfield Police Department
2100 N Calhoun Rd, Brookfield, WI 53005
Phone: (262) 787-3702

New Berlin Police Department
16300 W National Ave, New Berlin, WI 53151
Phone: (262) 782-6640
Wanted List

Menomonee Falls Police Department
W156N8480 Pilgrim Rd, Menomonee Falls, WI 53051
Phone: (262) 532-8700

Online Search For Warrants In Waukesha County

If you wish to know if someone is wanted on an active warrant, you should contact the court that issued the warrant.
If you contact local authorities to do a Waukesha County warrant search, they can provide details on outstanding warrants in the area where the warrant was issued as well.

Court Records Are Accessible To The Public

One possible approach to finding warrant records is to work with the county clerk in the jurisdiction where the warrant was issued. They may have a database that can be searched online, or the public may go to the courthouse in person and use a special computer to look up Waukesha County court records.

Sheriff's Office Warrant List for Waukesha County

The local Waukesha County police department and the sheriff’s office both have access to the warrant files.
Due to the fact that they are the ones tasked with carrying them out, law enforcement will have access to every warrant issued within their area of responsibility.
Occasionally, public lists will be made available on their websites; otherwise, a formal request must be submitted.

Waukesha County Bench Warrants

Failure to appear in court can result in a Waukesha County bench warrant being issued for the suspect’s arrest.
If the defendant fails to pay a fine or violates the terms of their probation, an arrest warrant may be issued for the offender.

Waukesha County Arrest Warrants

A warrant for an individual’s arrest is a court order instructing police to apprehend that person. When someone is wanted for criminal activity, a Waukesha County arrest warrant may be issued. In accordance with the terms of this warrant, the police have the authority to apprehend the wanted person and formally charge them with criminal activity.

Arrest Warrant For Fugitive

A fugitive warrant can be issued for someone who has been accused of a crime but has fled Waukesha County to evade punishment.
Together with other law enforcement agencies, those issuing the warrant will be able to track down the wanted person, apprehend them, and return them to their home jurisdiction.

Search Warrant Info

Authorities in Waukesha County WI are required to obtain search warrants for many reasons. The system protects the rights of the people being searched while also ensuring that the authorities have a legitimate justification for the search.

Waukesha County Warrant Searches for Free

To check if you have any outstanding Waukesha County warrants, you may run a free warrant search using the county clerk’s public database. The local police and sheriff’s office in the suspect’s area or where the crime had been committed should also be examined.

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